Brewing Instructions

Much care has gone into making sure our beans are top quality. We beg you: Don’t Screw It Up Now!

Coffee knowledge has come a long way since the Sixth Century when, legend has it, goats ate strange cherries that contained magical seeds -- what we now call coffee beans. Over time, people learned there were more to the beans than the buzz they got from swallowing them. Experimentation with cooking, grinding, flavoring and diluting them eventually led to the development of the Double Half Caf Mocha Mint Banana latte.

Brewing methods and equipment have also changed all along the way. Long gone are the days of coffee purveyors pushing percolators, tablespoons and overly-sugared syrups that turn coffee into candy – at least at quality coffeehouses.

We believe that coffee taste is very personal. One person’s watery brew can be another’s yummy mud. And one’s small cup may be another’s Big Gulp. Below are some general brew guidelines we live by.

In General
  • Water. Brewed coffee is 99% water. If you don’t like your water, you won’t like your coffee. Use fresh, filtered water.
  • Temperature. To extract full-flavor from beans, make sure your brewer can heat to 195 to 205 degrees.
  • Freshness. Don’t use old coffee. Coffee has a shelf life and that shelf life gets shorter as soon as the coffee is ground. If possible, grind coffee right before using, only buy coffee you will use within two weeks and don’t open coffee bags you don’t expect to finish in two weeks.
  • Storing. Store coffee in air-tight moisture-free containers that block light. Do not store in fridge or freezer. Tightly rolling our retail bag down and keeping it in the cupboard is fine.
  • Grinding. Grind just before brewing. Coffee loses flavor rapidly after being ground. Grind size changes the flavor of brewed coffee dramatically. Make sure to use the correct grind size for your brewing method.
Brew Guide

There are almost as many ways of brewing coffee as there are __________________.

We’ve created fairly easy instructions for our favorite brewing methods that you can download or print.