Learn In Tennessee’s only industry-certified training lab.

Bongo Java has Tennessee’s only industry-certified training lab. While we normally use the space to train baristas at our cafes and those at cafes that serve our coffee, we also open it to the general public for three different types of classes. These classes make great gifts too! Contact us for current dates. Groups (even bachelorettes) welcome.

Coffee 101.

If the Coffee 101 section on our website wasn’t enough, we welcome you to join us as we explain seed to cup from an expanded quality viewpoint.  We’ll explain how coffee is grown and processed.  And we’ll talk about differences in taste quality.  Yet, we’ll also discuss sustainability and the economics of the coffee trade.  We firmly believe, the more you learn, the better we look.

Brew Methods.

While we say we are only 2% pretentious, we have a whole bunch of coffee snobs on staff. They know all about old and current brew methods. Want to learn how to properly grind coffee, use a French Press or why we only sell a few different brew methods and just one brand of home brewers? Then c’mon down!

Basic Barista Skills.

Ever wonder why espresso out of your home machine tastes different than out of our $15,000 commercial machine?, Want to feel what it’s like to steam milk on a machine that still scares half our staff? Or want to know why you should tip your barista well when they put that cute design in our latte? This class has you covered.

Roasting 101.

This one is for home roasters and anyone else into coffee. We’ll explain the art & science of coffee. And a couple lucky participants will get to pour buckets of coffee into our 50+ year old workhorse roaster, pull a lever to release the beans or tell our Roast Master when the beans are ready (one time he forgot and that’s how we created our Charbucks blend).