With Tenneesse’s only certified Specialty Coffee Association training lab and 27+  years in the coffeehouse, restaurant, bakery and roasting businesses, we can provide training, consulting or guidance in all sorts of ways.

We provide free on-going cupping, barista training and basic business advice to all our wholesale customers. And reasonably priced training and equipment repairs to all. And we do Coffee 101 classes for industry and other interested folks.

  • Coffee 101*
  • Basic barista training including drink making and latte art
  • Roasting training.
  • Café layout.*
  • Basic business operations.*
  • Ear to listen and shoulder to cry on.*
  • (And the owner’s favorite) Clever marketing slogans.*

*Free or reduced rate to our wholesale accounts)

We’ll explain coffee from seed to cup along with some interesting facts about sustainability, social responsibility and world economics.  Bongo believes in an expanded definition of quality that includes all these factors along with taste.  The class includes photos of our trips to source, charts we put together and, of course, some coffee to drink. 


Coffee’s equivalent to a wine or beer tasting is called a cupping.  Here is where our 2% pretention comes out as we explain how to taste the blueberry essence or enjoy the wheatgrass after tones of a particular coffee.

Coffee is a remarkable beverage. Each batch of beans takes on the taste characteristics of the soil and climate where it was grown. Thus, batches from the same farm can taste different each season. In this class you’ll learn to taste like our Roast Master.


With Nashville’s only Specialty Coffee Association Certified training lab, we train individuals and whole café staffs how to make espresso-based beverages. The training includes how to tune grinders, steam milk and pour those very cute latte art.  Our trainers teach beginner or advanced classes.


Coffee roasting is part art and part science and our staff makes it all understandable. Like all parts of our training, we’re comfortable working with beginners or those who want to improve their skills.  We can focus just on roasting or work with you on sourcing quality beans, developing systems or whatever other needs you may have.


We’ve been in the café and roasting businesses for more than 20 years.  We’ve run big and small stores, places with and without food and have worked with wholesale customers who run all sorts of operations. If you need help café layout, bookkeeping setup, employee relations or whatever, let us know. We don’t have all the answers. Yet, we can often point you in the right direction. For those new to the coffee business, we can provide as much or as little consulting as you want.


Over 27 years, we’ve seen a whole lot. We’ve been the focus of a media frenzy, developed good & bad employee incentives and dealt with legal issues of all sorts. We’ve had good years and bad.  And we’ve seen the best intents get beat up and spit out. And, of course, we’ve written a whole bunch of witty catch phrases for our cafes.

If you need a shoulder to cry on, neutral input on an idea or an emergency intervention, we may be of help. It never hurts to call. We promise to be honest, as fair as possible and as inexpensive as possible.