Honduras Unwashed (Premium Lot)

Taste Notes:  Apricot, Dark Chocolate, Blackberry and Guava with berry-like acidity, a round body and clean finish.

We call it a premium lot, meaning it comes from one farm and there’s a limited supply, so it costs a couple dollars more per 12 oz bag but it’s worth it. 

It comes from our partners in Honduras at the COMSA cooperative, know for innovative organic farming techniques and for deploying the latest in soil science. The farmer who produced this coffee is Pedro Turcios (pictured above).

Turcios is the third generation of coffee producers in his family. His grandmother María and his mother, also María, shared their knowledge about coffee. Since he was a child, Pedro has been immersed in the culture of coffee production, developing a passion for every aspect of farming.

The farm is named "Maria Bonita" in honor of the women in his family. Pedro has dedicated a lot of time to develop his knowledge of coffee varieties, in order to experiment and improve his quality constantly, season after season. 

Pedro implements environmentally friendly practices on his farm, which in turn has led to very good fertility in his soil, and consequently a high production yield and cup quality. “Coffee produced at Finca Maria Bonita carries with it, our efforts and commitment to our community".

Natural or Unwashed Processing

Unwashed coffee beans remain inside their cherry as they are laid out to dry in a covered raised bed for a period spanning 21 to 30 days. While drying, the coffee is stirred constantly in order to avoid the development of mold in the cherries and potential damage to the quality. This imparts stronger fruit notes to the coffee.

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