Laos Peaberry (Coffee of the Month - 15% off 12oz Bags)

This co-op was started in 2007 with French aid to help farmers create a way to reach higher-paying export markets. Through Cooperative Coffees (the buying group we helped start), Bongo is among the first North American buyers of this coffee. This Laos co-op now has more than 700 organic farmer members.

Located in Southeast Asia, the Laos Bolaven Plateau offers varying micro-climates where this specialty coffee is grown and hand-picked at 3,300 feet. A 'peaberry' coffee grows one bean (or seed) per cherry instead of two.

Taste Notes.  Juicy, Sweet, Pomegranate. This single origin light roast has a delicious citrusy earthiness, medium body and balanced acidity. 

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