Game Point

A coffeehouse owner walks into a board game convention and…

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before:  a coffeehouse owner walks into a board game convention and….

Game Point Café was the somewhat-legitimate brainchild of Bongo Java founder Bob Bernstein and Tennessee Game Days founder Rick Keuler.  They each had the same idea for a board game café and by combining expertise, Nashville's first and only board game cafe was created.

Game Point shares space with Bongo East Café, which serves sandwiches, desserts as well as draft local beer and organic coffee.  More than 500 games were added to a FREE LENDING LIBRARY to attract gaming hobbyists and newcomers.  GAME COACHES are on hand to teach most of the games.

Game Point has an extensive online and in-house game RETAIL selection as well.  Heck, we can even arrange for a game coach to virtually teach you any game you purchase at Game Point.