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  • Cafe Bongo Gift Card

    1. CAFE GIFT CARDS - (via US Mail)

    This trusty, plastic gift card works at the following cafes: Bongo Java Belmont, Fido and Bongo East/Game Point! It is sent via US Mail and it is not trackable.

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  • InstaGift Card

    2. INSTAGIFT CARDS - (via email)

    Instantly available emailed gift cards redeemable for in-store use at any of our Bongo Cafes! Email them as gifts and redeem them from your mobile phone. Plus they never expire.

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  • Online Bongo Gift Card

    3. WEBSTORE GIFT CARDS (via email)

    This digital gift card comes with a code to enter at checkout in our online store. This webstore code cannot be redeemed at Bongo Java Belmont, Fido or Bongo East.

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