Coffee Classes

Bongo Java is proud to provide a range of coffee and barista training at our coffee lab inside our roasting facility in Nashville, TN.

We believe everyone should know how to make a great cup of coffee! Our classes can be geared to all knowledge levels, from beginners to advanced classes for industry professionals. 
Below you’ll find our current coffee class schedule. Each 90-minute class is limited to four students in order for you to get plenty of hands-on experience. We can't wait for you to join us! COFFEE CLASS GRADS WILL ALSO RECEIVE....
  • Course work¬†guided by our knowledgeable Coffee Educators!
  • Official Certificate of Completion
  • 12 ounces of the Coffee of Your Choice¬† ¬†


    In our coffee lab we train individuals or an entire café staff how to make espresso-based beverages. The training includes learning how and why espresso brewing is different than brewing drip coffee. We'll go into detail on how to find the right balance for espresso shots - the sweet spot that sits between bitter and sour. Then we'll show you how to steam perfect milk, both temperature and texture. Once you've got that down, we'll introduce latte art! 

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      Learn how to brew coffee using a variety of methods. Each system is unique in how it brews delicious coffee! We will focus specifically on the following brewing methods: Chemex, Kalita, v60 and French Press.  

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      Coffee’s equivalent to a wine or beer tasting is called cupping. Here is where our 2% pretension lies as we explain how to taste the blueberry essence, florals flourishes and earthy undertones of a particular coffee. Coffee is a remarkable beverage. Each batch of beans takes on the taste characteristics of the soil and climate where it was grown. Thus, batches from the same farm can taste different each season. In this class you’ll learn to taste like our roast master.

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      COFFEE 101

      We’ll explain coffee from seed to cup along with some interesting facts about sustainability, social responsibility and organic farming. Bongo believes in an expanded definition of quality that is centered around how we source our beans. This class will lead you through the coffee journey from sustainable farming to the art of roasting.

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